The Top 3 Interactive Technology Tools for the Classroom

The Top 3 Interactive Technology Tools for the Classroom

Growing up, most of us learned in a conventional classroom setup with just our books, the writing board, and the teacher. The technological advancements were confined to a certain subject or lab periods. Luckily as an educator, you now have the opportunity to partake in an interactive setup, all thanks to the latest technology tools for the classroom.

As a teacher, you have the unique opportunity to provide technological aids to assist the students in better concept building. With these tools, you can make your classes more efficient, and smooth!

Let’s look at the top 3 interactive teaching tools that can take your lessons to the next level. Before we dive in, let's first consider why these tools are becoming classroom essentials.

PLAY Interactive Game Table

The Importance of Digital Tools for the Classroom 

  • The Gen Z generation had access to phones, pads, and laptops from a very young age. They’re tech-savvy! Thus, it helps the students engage with the learning material better. 
  • Interactive classroom technology tools can now simulate a remote classroom experience, as demonstrated by Zoom, Google classroom, and other apps during the pandemic. 
  • When children see the concepts being talked about with the help of 3D models or videos, it helps create a more immersive experience. It allows for better retention of said concepts.  
  • As a teacher, you know different children have distinct learning styles. They don’t all learn at the same pace or respond to the same teaching methods. With the help of digital tools, you can create a more personalized experience for each student.

The Best Interactive Classroom Technology Tools

Interactive Online Games

Introducing a little healthy competition in the classroom can be a fun way to improve learning and understanding. The motivation to win and perform better than their peers can lead to students putting extra effort into their schoolwork. 

  • Kahoot is an interesting and educational game-based app that allows teachers to create fun quizzes or activities for any subject. 
  • Class Dojo is another program where you can build a community and compete with scoreboards and individual student portfolios. 
child playing interactive educational game

Hands-On STEAM Technology

STEAM, aka Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Math, is an up-and-coming interdisciplinary educational approach. STEAM aims to encompass all of the essential learning subjects into one integrated curriculum.

Here are a few STEAM tools available on the market that can help teachers to integrate this approach into their lesson planning.

  • Single board computers such as Raspberry PI, ODROID, and Arduin teach students the basics of programming and coding.
  • Many robot building kits are available on the market that can also be used to teach children basic programming and robotics.
  • Key biology, chemistry, and physics concepts are best understood by students when they are explained via interactive visual aids. VR headsets and programs can allow such learning to take place without putting the students at risk in sensitive environments. 

child using VR headset as an interactive technology tool

Interactive Devices and Tablets

With schools embracing technology nowadays, most have the resources to provide their children with iPads, laptops, tablets, or monitors to encourage an interactive advanced learning environment. 

child using tablet as an educational technology tool

However, iPads and tablets can be costly; therefore, a touch screen portable monitor like the Glance Pro may be a better investment for teachers. Its 15.6-inch OLED touchscreen display is ideal for sharing and presenting ideas in the classroom to students in small groups or in a one-on-one setting. The device is fully compatible with both MAC and Windows OS, and it’s perfect for completing administrative tasks when you’re not using it to teach a lesson.

teacher using portable monitor to teach students

We understand that new technology can be daunting to wrap our heads around, but the near future is fully digital. If we want to stay relevant in this day and age, we must get on board with technological developments and figure out potential ways to make the best use of them. 

We hope our guide helped you navigate through the myriad of educational tech tools available to enhance and innovate the way our classrooms operate. Read more about how gadgets and devices from Mobile Pixels can help you improve the teaching experience

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