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Can Mobile Pixels DUEX work with MAC or PC?
Mobile Pixels DUEX can work with all operating systems. This includes Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chrome and even Android!
What is the $8 pledge for the case?
The additional $8 pledge will enable us to ship a hard clear plastic case for your laptop. We will collect your laptop model after the campaign. This is so backers will not have to place the adhesives directly on your laptop. However, the adhesives are residue free.
What is the screen brightness?
300 nits
What are the technical details of the product?
1) Screen is IPS
2) 1080p resolution
3) 300 nits brightness
4) USB driver is custom built for USB-eDP signal conversion
What is the display coating of the screen?
It’s glossy for now. We do not have a matte version yet.
It’s glossy for now. We do not have a matte version yet.
You get two sets of magnets which will allow you to use Mobile Pixels DUEX with two laptops. And don’t worry if you want more magnets, we will sell them on our store for a very cheap price.
Which Android version does Mobile Pixels DUEX work with?
Mobile Pixels DUEX will work with Android 5 (Lollipop) and newer
Are there any stretch goals?
We will update the stretch goals based on the interest and requests from Backers. Stay tuned!
Can Mobile Pixels DUEX brightness be adjusted?
Currently there is no adjustment option for brightness on Mac, but it's adjustable on everything else. This is due to the current driver software from display link. They may issue an update in the future.
Is it possible to plug in 2 Duo screens to my computer if I have enough ports for it?
You will be able to run multiple Mobile Pixels DUEXs, they have individual drivers.
Can I buy more adhesives later?
Yes! you can buy more sets later from our online store at a very cheap price.
Will Mobile Pixels DUEX work with iPhone or other smart phones?
Mobile Pixels DUEX will not work with iPhones, or any other smartphones.
Will there be tax/import costs to the UK?
We are currently not familiar of such tax/import costs to the UK. We will look into them when we start shipping.
Did I place my order right and pledged the right amount?
We will have you fill out an exit survey to make sure we have your order correct.
What is the cost of the case and kickstand?
The case costs an additional $8 to your existing pledge and the stand costs and additional $15.
What is the thickness of Mobile Pixels DUEX?
Mobile Pixels Duo is 0.48” thick, so when you attach it to the back of the laptop, it will stick our 0.48”.
Can two Mobile Pixels DUEX’s be mounted at once to use it as a triple screen?
Yes it can be. But Mobile Pixels DUEX was not intended to work this way. You can check the mounting here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sGNQAbdb1wkO9FaNzHmnulLUbillfLrJ
What is the brightness of the screen?
Most 12.5" screens are around 300 to 400 nits. There are brighter ones available, but it becomes a trade off with power consumption.
Mobile Pixels DUEX screen matte??
We are currently working to see if we can add a matte/anti-glare version as a stretch goal.
Any possibilities that the USB connection at the other end instead (near the laptop)? So it won't protrude and look less clumsy and space saving?
Yes, we definitely thought about this several times. The problem is that if we place the connection anywhere else, then Mobile Pixels DUEX will not be able to fold into presentation mode. However, we will ship Mobile Pixels DUEX with a right angle head USB cable, at least the cable will be pointing downwards.
Is the Mobile Pixels DUEX screen IPS?
Is there a Mobile Pixels DUEX 17’’ version?
We have not thought about developing 17" yet. Currently they are not a part of the plan.
What is the PPI for the Mobile Pixels DUEX screen?
The display is FHD, it is not a retina display which has much higher resolution. it's about 176 PPI. However, at 12.5", we don't really think it makes a big difference.
Is there a short how-to video of the setup (hardware) with a laptop so that everyone can get a better insight into the setup?
We will have a full step by step instructions manual with the product which will be very helpful in the setup. I will also try to get a how-to-video for you!
How sturdy/rigid is the Mobile Pixels DUEX screen when propped to the side? Mainly due to the stress that will happen on the in-flexion point at the top when folded; to avoid any cracks or having it break completely due to long and multiple uses?
We ran FEA on the hinge design, and have built in a 30% margin. We don't think the hinge will crack during repeated use. Also, the rotational portion of the torque hinge is life tested to last 30,000+ cycles.
Should I install something to start using Mobile Pixels DUEX?
Yes, you will have to install a driver. For Windows users, the driver will be automatically installed when you plug Mobile Pixels DUEX in for the first time. For Mac users, you will have to download the driver, we will ship DUEX with very specific instructions.
Will the case be provided for all kinds of laptops?
We will collect everyone's laptop model in the final survey. Once we have that info, we will make a bulk purchase from our supplier for those exact models. It will not be an one size fit all case.
Will there be a touch screen version of Mobile Pixels DUEX?
Touchscreen will not be possible at this stage. The digitizer for the screen needs to be custom as well as the PCBA. It will delay the ship date by months.
How does the case look?
It is a transparent case as in this picture - https://www.amazon.com/HDE-Clear-MacBook-Retina-inch/dp/B00M4874HI/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1530669560&sr=8-17&keywords=mac+transparent+case
Is there going to be a 4K version?
That is not possible in the current state. I don't think 4K screens come in 12.5", it will be way too dense. We also needs a much higher powered chip for that as well.
That is not possible in the current state. I don't think 4K screens come in 12.5", it will be way too dense. We also needs a much higher powered chip for that as well.
For the additional kickstand and case, you add $23 total ($15 to the kickstand + $8 for the case)
What’s the color gamut like compared to standard Mac models?
The current panel displays 262k colors at 1080P resolution.
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