What Is Motion Rate?

What Is Motion Rate?

Is Motion Rate Same as Refresh Rate?

Motion rate, not to be confused with refresh rate, is a simulated refresh rate which provides smoother motion clarity by interpolating each frame. This means the monitor analyzes each frame on screen and generates an in-between frame to simulate double the current refresh rate a display is capable of producing. Motion rate and refresh rate are both measured in hertz (Hz), however motion rate is typically measured as double the displays native refresh rate. For example, monitors with a native refresh rate of 60 Hz will have a motion rate of 120Hz. This does not change the native refresh rate of the monitor and the panel will still output 60 frames per second despite appearing to output 120 frames per second.

What Is Best Motion Rate for Gaming?

144Hz or 240Hz, if the game is fast-paced and has a lot of movement and action, such as shooting and racing games. This type of game requires a higher motion rate and a powerful graphics card to get a better experience.

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