What Is Effective Refresh Rate?

What Is Effective Refresh Rate?

Effective Refresh Rate (ERR) is a term used in the context of display technology to refer to the perceived rate at which images are refreshed on a screen. It takes into account things like motion interpolation and backlight scanning, which are used to reduce motion blur and improve the clarity of fast-moving images. The higher the Effective Refresh Rate, the smoother and more fluid the motion on the screen appears to the viewer.

It's important to note that Effective Refresh Rate is not a standardized metric, and different manufacturers may calculate it in different ways. As such, it's important to research and compare the actual refresh rate and other technical specifications of a display, rather than relying solely on marketing terms like Effective Refresh Rate, when making a purchasing decision.

Is Effective Refresh Rate the Same as Native Refresh Rate?

Effective refresh rate, not to be confused with native refresh rate, is another term for motion rate. 

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