What Is a Monitor Driver?

What Is a Monitor Driver?

A monitor driver is a software program that allows the computer to understand the functional information of the monitor, thereby setting the parameters of the monitor to ensure that the monitor and the computer work at the best performance

How to Install Monitor Driver?

Most desktop monitors do not require drivers and simply connect via HDMI or DisplayPort. However, if you are using a specialty monitor such as one with a touchscreen or multiple built-in displays then drivers may be required. These can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and will include instructions on how to set up your monitor.

How to Update Monitor Driver?

If your monitor's drivers ever require an update, please refer to the manufacturer's website as installing the latest driver version may require uninstallation of the original drivers. Alternatively, Windows users can check and install the latest drivers for their device by typing Windows Update settings into the Window Search feature on your taskbar. From here, navigate to Advanced options and then Optional Updates to view the list of drivers which require an update.

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