What Do I Need for A Dual Monitor Setup?

What Do I Need for A Dual Monitor Setup?

For a dual monitor set-up, you will need:

1. Two monitors, it's recommended to use two of the same model, if not the same size and resolution however this is optional.

2. Two compatible connection ports. Most monitors connect through HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or USB-C DisplayPort Alt mode. If there are no available ports or you are limited on ports, compatible docking stations or adapters can work as a substitute.

3. Monitor Mount (Optional), for desktop users this can be used to mount the monitors for better ergonomics vs. viewing them on the factory stand.

4. A compatible computer, make sure your graphics processor and operating system version are capable of connecting additional monitors. Nearly every modern operating system and computer supports external displays, however, some have limitations on the amount you can connect such as on some Apple M1 processors and above."

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